Constructing a Plan for Your Construction Project

It is truly amazing to drive around certain neighborhoods in New Mexico and get a chance to gauge the progress of a certain construction project. A new house can sometimes spring up in your own neighborhood in a matter of months. Shopping centers will sprout in far less than a year. And in Albuquerque a high-rise apartment or office building can be erected in surprisingly short periods of time.

These situations, of course, reflect the speed of the physical process of putting up a building. In addition to the time it takes for architects, engineers and designers to create plans for any of these types of construction jobs, the time – and often headache –  it may require to get local jurisdictions to approve those plans can far exceed how long it takes for the contractors and laborers to build the structure.

That is why it is critical for developers to work with knowledgeable counsel who have familiarity and experience with bidding processes, permit approval laws and contract preparation. Developers and builders should consult with their attorneys at the beginning of any project to consider all of these hurdles and develop a strategy that takes them into consideration. In addition, they should anticipate any environmental challenges or objections from historic preservation interests.

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